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Jun 2014 Session - Mistress Claire & Robynn

This is my post session write up for my session with Mistress Claire and Lovely Robynn on 27th June 2014, my fourth session with them. Each write-up gets better and longer and in even more detail. Mistress Claire is amazing and i'm so proud to be Hers.


June 2014 - Dommed by my two Mistresses

Last Thursday it was finally play day again! Having been two months since the last time i’d played, i was definitely anticipating it!

i arrived on time, a little after 3pm and immediately greeted by my first Mistress, Lovely Robynn who, as always, looked amazing. i got a key and changed into the usual club robe anxiously anticipating what fun lay ahead. i grabbed a coke an then moments later was greeted by my second Mistress, Mistress Claire who was in a stunning red dress. The club was quite busy and Lovely Robynn went to her car to get her bag of stuff while Mistress Claire and i chatted briefly then wandered back to check the bondage room was free.

We walked down the hallway which always makes me more and more excited with each step, i felt my palms get sweaty and my heart begin to pound. Mistress Claire and i stood there momentarily and she went and grabbed her bag of stuff as well. She sifted through her bag while we waited for Lovely Robynn and pulled out an amazing collar. It was fairly thick in width, black with a furry red interior and this very impressive heavy chain attached at the front. i love being collared and let off a quiet pleasurable sign as Mistress Claire put the collar on me. The weight of the chain excited me and the feel of it’s cold steel against my skin excited me. Mistress Claire dragged it back and forth on my cock and then make a loop with it, looping under my hard cock and around my neck. The cold steel on the back of my neck gave me a slight shiver and felt great. Moments later, Mistress Claire got a nice pair of red leather wrist collars and put them on me which always intensifies my excitement.

Lovely Robynn entered moments later kissing and stroking me and closed the door as i was led to the large St Andrew’s Cross on the other side of the room. This is an impressive structure which I’m tied or chained to each month and something i enjoy being strapped to. This time i was chained facing the cross with both arms, i could smell the wood of the cross and then Lovely Robynn put ankle collars on me and attached my legs to the cross.

Moments later the play properly started with spanking of each cheek slow then fast with some pauses which was done by both of them from what i could tell. Both Lovely Robynn and Mistress Claire stroked my furry back sending chills up my spine. The touching of the back of my neck and my back are real erogenous zones for me and my bum was caressed which was tense from the brief spanking. The blindfold was finally put on me which was great. Sensory play is a lot of fun because it does send your mind racing wondering what will happen and where. Shortly after that quite a number of spanks and whacks ensued with hand an paddle by both making me tingle and the pain was sharp and fast and it felt towards the end of it fairly close to my pain limit at the time. i panted and leaned forward a little while my bum felt quite warm. There was quite a bit of banter between them as they played good cop bad cop making the whole thing very exciting. There was bit of teasing and then my ass was fingered some my Mistress Claire who then proceeded to slide in a small butt plug. i had used a plug in self play last year but i was quite tight at the time so it took a little for my body to adjust but it wasn’t painful and quite enjoyable. They both teased about fucking me and wondering what size i could handle.

Lovely Robynn clawed at my back and legs and bit my shoulder some enjoying my physic and turned my head to kiss her. Lovely Robynn is a good kisser and she was impressed with my kissing ability and i felt pleased that she was pleased with me. Mistress Claire gave me a few more spankings fairly hard and at this point my pain threshold had built up and it had crossed my mind to ask her to hit harder at the time though i thought better of it knowing i’d end up with marks lasting more than a few days. i felt amazing and once you push past the initial pain barrier you really hit the in play feeling and finally relax enough. Mistress Claire removed the plug which my body had gotten used to and began to finger me inside which felt great. Once your ass relaxes enough the feeling is an enjoyable one and i there and then she was in control of me completely and i get excited even thinking about that.

My ankles were released and i was turned around and my arms secured to the cross. Mistress Claire pinched hard on my nipples and kissed me a little. Lovely Robynn then kissed me hard sucking my tongue in her mouth. Mistress Claire then got out her plastic pegs and clipped them on my nipples, cock and balls. While blindfolded it’s hard to tell just how many were attached but there was quite a few on the floor after play. i was whacked with the leather paddle and flinched as my cock was briefly whacked knocking some of the pegs off me. Mistress Claire then got out her pinwheel and raked it across my nipples and up and down me including across my cock. The pinwheel is quite intense and the pain while sharp and short is effective in making my muscles tense and flinch.

Lovely Robynn checked the time and it was time to stop play so i could get back to work. i so wish these sessions could go on much longer. The blindfold was removed and Lovely Robynn and we kissed. Mistress Claire unclipped my wrists and led me to the interrogation chair to sit and relax a little. It didn’t take long for me to come down and my warm bum throbbed against the leather seat. The collar was then removed and we chatted briefly and chatted about me being fucked with a strap-on next time and i should get a dildo or plug set and train daily so i will be ready for it next month.

This was an amazing time as it always is and rid me of all the stresses i had. i love playing with Mistress Claire and Lovely Robynn! They are fantastic Mistresses and i can’t wait till the end of next month to see and play with them again!

Since then i have bought a set of butt plugs from @simplyPleeds (a set like this but black licorice: http://www.simplypleasure.com/sex-toys/anal-sex-toys/butt-plugs/vanilla-dip-butt-plug-trio-set-flesh.html ) i’ve started a 30 minutes, twice a day inserting and keeping the plug in starting with the smallest.

There are some lovely marks which have nearly faded by now but here’s the pictures to prove it:

Can wait till playing with you Mistress Claire and Lovely Robynn next month!

Your sub/pet.


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