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Oct 2014 Session - Mistress Claire

This is my October 2014 session write-up with Mistress Claire. Princess Pervette also played a big part of it and this is the only time i've ever had the pleasure of Her in the dungeon during one of my sessions. It was intense and wonderful and i started to develop quite a reputation from this point onwards at the club.


Last Thursday, the 23rd, was my monthly play session with Mistress Claire. i love every session with her, she’s an amazing Mistress and the more we play, the more amazing it gets! Mistress Claire also had another surprise for me, a strip of my back was waxed and i came very close to sub dropping, it was a very special playtime indeed!

i arrived at the club a little after 2pm, the place was busy and I was lucky to find a parking space. There were a lot of people in the bar area in particular, watching the beautiful Princess Pervette who was on her back on the pool table having a public waxing by a Mistress friend of hers. Although part of me wanted to go have a look but the sub side of me took over. It felt wrong to look unless i had permission and besides i was anxious to get changed and find Mistress Claire so i went to the locker room. Louise popped her head in and said hello for a few minutes while i hurriedly got change and told me where Mistress Claire was.

Walking back through the bar area, the waxing had finished and i instantly spotted my beautiful Mistress Claire sat on the sofa next to a slave who had a collar and wrist collars on along with pink fishnet stockings. i walked around the table and sat next to Mistress Claire who greeted me with a smile. i was introduced to the slave and Mistress Claire and i briefly chatted. As usual moments later my eyes became transfixed on Mistress Claire as she grabbed my chin and looked me in the eyes. She told me i would do as i’m told and that if i’m hard enough i would be servicing that slave and asked how long it had been since i fucked someone and i replied it had been a long time. She also said i may get a surprise. i enjoy these initial moments not knowing what may lay ahead but the anticipation of having my collar on me increased and i couldn’t wait.

Mistress Claire went to check if the room was free. The slave and i said a brief hello but not much else. i just kept looking off towards the dungeon awaiting Mistress Claire to return. Mistress Claire returned moments later and she said loudly “both of you, to the dungeon” pointing the way. My excitement and anticipation increased as we followed her. A few were already outside the open dungeon door as we went in. The slave was then made to sit on the kneeling steps, Mistress Claire rummaged in her bag and pulled out a plug which she put in the slave’s mouth and instructed me to make him suck it. i was a little unfamiliar and felt like a slight roll swap but i did as instructed and just slowly pushed it in and out. i let go a few minutes later when it was time for my collar.

Mistress Claire retrieved my collar and put it on me. i remember moaning quietly when she did this. i was then sat on the bed and Mistress was a little disappointed i wasn’t hard though this is something i had been working on. i was then made to stand and Mistress Claire put leather wrist collars on me and led me over to the cross. As i was being secured with my back facing outward, Steph, a Tgirl i had played with once back in December came into the dungeon and sat on the interrogation chair. When both of my wrists were secured to the cross Princess Pervette entered saying “My my what have we here?” and told the slave to turn in the kneeling position on the keeling steps giving him a few whacks with a thin flogger and secured Steph to the chair. Mistress Claire had retrieved her flogger and whacked me solidly a few times. She leaned in and asked how many whacks will i receive. i said “i don’t know Mistress”. Mistress Claire replied with tell me how many, it could be one hundred. i said 25 which was taken as 45 from Mistress Claire. i was then instructed to count them out. i love the flogger as i’ve said before many times, it’s intense, has a little sting and a lovely thud against you.

Mistress Claire began whacking me with the flogger. “One Mistress” i said as the first one landed firmly. i could feel my skin warming a little. “Two Mistress” i continued up until five or six and then Princess Pervette leaned in and said “You should be thanking Mistress”. “Six Mistress, Thank You” i replied. “Louder” Mistress Claire said. “Six Mistress Thank You!” much louder this time with a sharp hard whack. My breath shortened a little and the unknown of when or where i was going to get hit intensified everything. Each whack was firm and strong. i felt excited and elated with each whack, working hard to remember what number i was on. “Twelve Mistress, Thank You” was a little quieter. “That’s not loud enough!” Mistress Claire exclaimed. i said it louder from then on though on 14, Mistress Claire asked “Are you sure?” “I think he’s lying said Princess Pervette” “Yes, Mistress was my reply. The whacks continued my skin warm and stinging as she alternated from back to thighs to butt pausing sporadically as the slave and Steph were forced to do things to one another behind me which was mainly the slave servicing Steph from what i could gather. “Twenty Six Mistress, Thank You!” i exclaimed, and again Mistress Claire asked “Are you sure?” Princess Pervette replied with “You're lying aren’t you, i think he’s lying Mistress” “Are you lying?” Mistress Claire asked. i replied with “No Mistress”, that was a mistake. “No?!? You’ll get 46 then!” The next few whacks were good hard ones stinging my back.

Mistress Claire went to give slave a few whacks and Princess Pervette came up behind me. She tugged at my back hair a little. Princess Pervette then ask if i was a hairy something or other or a gorilla. The correct answer was a gorilla, that much i was certain of. She then asked “What’s your name sub” which i replied “eric, Mistress”. Her response was maybe my friend needs to see to all this hair and that she’s go get her. As soon as she’d left the room Mistress Claire came up close and asked me if it was ok and what bit i would like waxed. i told her a small patch in the middle would be fine. Princess Pervette and her mate that had been waxing her earlier came into the room. Mistress Claire commanded that i was her sub and pointed where i would like it. i could feel the warm wax as it was put on my back. My anticipation grew. i have had an eyebrow wax before and that was quite a sting so i was expecting a particularly intense sting this time round. All three asked if i was ready, i said yes and tensed my muscles preparing for what was to come. The rip was quite a sting but at this point my pain threshold had heightened so it was less than I had anticipated but had a great psychological effect. You can see a picture of the bald patch on my back taken the next day on my Fetlife profile. It’s been a regular reminder of the playtime in particular as it’s itched over the past few days.

The Mistress who waxed my back left her card for me next to the cross and said to ring her if i wanted the rest doing. Giving my current situation, having the rest waxed isn’t an option and i had intended to at least take the card with me at the end but since i just about sub dropped later on i had forgotten all about it till an hour after playtime.

My whacks resumed a few minutes later as the warm sting started to settle. i initially hadn’t resumed counting until i received 4 or 5 in quick succession and Mistress Claire said “Your not counting”. Luckily i had been counting in my head just in case and replied with “28 Mistress” The activity behind me continued as the slave serviced. i received a number of occasional whacks from Princess Pervette as well as Mistress Claire’s. Luckily Mistress Claire’s whacks were harder and heavier so I was able to continue counting. At around the 37th whack Steph had climaxed and finished. Princess Pervette at some point during all this had said “I like this one” indicating me which made me proud that i am improving as a sub. A piece of cloth acting as a blindfold was put on me and the whacks continued till i had received 46, he last few being strong hard ones. i then asked what time it was so i could do my 3pm check-in with work. It was 3:10 so i asked permission to check-in with work. i had learned from last time to ask permission. The blindfold was removed as was the chain on my collar as Mistress Claire was busy doing things to the slave in the dungeon etc.

i went out to the bar area wearing on my collar and wrist collars and asked for my key. The other people made a joke or two about my bald back laughing as i turned and went to my locker. Although slightly embarrassed i was please with how brave i was having done it that i brushed off their comments. i returned the key to the locker and walked back to the dungeon. When I had gotten back, Princess Pervette had left the room as had Steph and most of the onlookers. Mistress Claire removed my wrist collars and told me to lay on the bed facing down. It was then time to be tied up. i love being tied up and completely immobile. It always ends up with me a little spaced. The tying of my hands and arms took a little while. My collard was loosened just a little so i could breathe easier. A guy came into the room and the slave serviced him while I was there tied up watching. Mistress lay on top of me for a few moments and then got her blue strap-on that she had used on me previously. i had been training hard with my plug which Mistress Claire was pleased with as the strap-on went in relatively easily and she pegged me as i continued to watch the slave. i was pegged hard for awhile and when the slave had finished what he was doing, Mistress Claire climbed off of me and sat on the bed chatting to the slave as she rubbed my back some with me laying there. There was a short chat between them which seemed to go on forever as i lost all perspective of time being tied up. The longer i’m there the more spaced i get. The slave eventually left and Mistress Claire when to get something for a few minutes. Louise popped in shortly after Mistress Claire returned and she had a bit of a play about with the flogger. i said to Louise the flogger feels nice and she whacked me lightly a few times. Mistress Claire even tried to show her how but it’s not really Louise’s thing. Once she’d left Mistress Claire pegged me again with the strap-on on vibrate which has an amazing feeling. The strap-on is relatively painless though i think i should move to a larger training plug or something else to make it easier to take.

Mistress Claire climbed off me again and checked the time. There were 15 minutes of spare time. She asked if i wanted it ended there or wanted more. My response was “i always want more, can never get enough”. Mistress Claire then carefully untied my arms which took a few minutes; i was sat up slowly feeling a bit spaced and then led over to the cross facing outwards. Using her usual pink rope she elaborately tied my wrists and chest to the cross. She then came with the surprise. It was a metal cock ring with 4 screws in it and a heavy weight attached. i was breathing heavy with excitement. She put my cock through the ring and began tightening the screws and told me to tell her when I felt a little pain. Eventually all the screws were screwed in to where i said I felt a little pain and then she let my cock take the weight. The feeling was intense and amazing. I could feel my cock getting a little hard with the initial tug. Mistress Claire then began running her finger over the tip of my cock which was fantastic. Such an intense feeling of pleasure! i got harder and harder until the pain started to out way the pleasure. By this point i was panting and all of a sudden my body began to sweat everywhere. i could feel it dripping, my hands numb and everything in the room not looking normal. i looked up at the telly with the porn on it and it was a hazy fuzzy white blob. i could tell i was not long from dropping. i only managed to say i’m hot and i hadn’t felt it so extreme to say the safe word yet but Claire knew immediately and began to remove the cock ring carefully unscrewing the screws. An onlooker did come in and see what she was doing but didn’t stay to help.

i got quite close to dropping here but remembered not to panic having been through it a few months back before. i shook my head a few times trying to shake it and bring myself back a bit and calmed my breathing down which help. i was safe though. Mistress Claire was right there looking after me. She removed my arms from the ropes and my hands were numb. She slapped them to bring the blood back and i was carefully led over to the bed. It was a good few minutes till i came back around. i was pretty out of it but elated with what i’d been through and what an amazing time i’d had with Mistress Claire. i sat there and said, “i think i did well” after she removed the collar and Mistress Claire said that i had and that she was very pleased. It was time to go get changed and grab some food that was going to be in the bar. i thanked Mistress Claire a few times and made my way to the bar and locker and got dressed. After that, i got a coke from the bar and had a few nibbles before heading back to work.

This was an amazing play session. i had been practicing saying responses louder which helped and training hard with my plug which also helped. Mistress Claire and i know each other more and more each time and each visit is even better than the last one. i loved every bit of it, the role play with the counting the flogging, the being tied up on the bed and cross and certainly the surprise!

It was also a pleasure to have met Princess Pervette again. Her site is www.princesspervette.com and she has since commended me on Twitter for my bravery during the waxing.

Thank you again Mistress Claire! You’re an amazing Mistress and i love being your sub!

Your sub.

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