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Jan 2015 Owned & Collared by Mistress Claire

This is my session where i became officially owned and collared by Mistress Claire. i love honour and obey Her to this day.


Last Thursday was my collaring by and play session with Mistress Claire. It had been nearly six weeks since i last saw Mistress and i had missed her greatly and excited about finally earning my collar. Being owned is something i’ve wanted for quite a while and this session marking a year as Mistress Claire’s sub made it all the more special. Each play session with Mistress Claire is fantastic and what followed the collaring was certainly no exception.

i arrived at the club at 1:45 which is right when i said i’d be there. The club is an amazing place and i really love it there. It’s a relaxed safe environment and quite a few people know me these days. i got my locker key and got quickly changed before heading back to the lounge and getting a drink. i initially spotted Princess Pervette and Steph at by the side of the dance floor part of the lounge but i didn’t see Mistress Claire initially so i wandered through to the back to check the dungeon was empty and then back through to the lounge where i found her sat at the bar chatting to another pretty tgirl. Mistress Claire looked stunning and had on those lovely long thigh high boots i love. Mistress Claire said that her sub was here to the person she was chatting with and said she could watch if she wanted to. Mistress Claire then stood up and walked towards me where i was patiently waiting, she smile, asked how i was and if i was ready. i replied with “yes Mistress” and she told me i’d better get into that dungeon so i walked back through with her following shortly behind me. The dungeon was empty so i disrobed as Mistress Claire when to get her bag of things and she returned minutes later with a number of onlookers peering through the door.

Mistress Claire got out the usual collar i had been using with the red lining and long chain attached, saying that she was going to put this on me first. i breathed heavier as the collar was put around my neck. We stood there for a moment, Mistress Claire staring into my eyes and then i was told to lick her boots 3 times. i got down on my knees and began to lick them, first the right and then the left and then the right one again. Starting at the tip of the boot working my way over the foot and up the length to her thigh keeping contact between the folds of the leather. Once i’d finished the third lick i was told to stand up. Mistress Claire got out my owned collar from her bag and told me to hold it in my hand. It’s a beautiful thick leather collar with two thick d-rings felt amazing and weighty. Mistress Claire asked if i liked it, i replied with “it’s a beautiful collar Mistress”. She asked if i was sure this is what i wanted and i replied with a strong “yes Mistress” as i looked into her eyes. Again, as before, we paused and she stared into my eyes and then told me she would swap collars. The old one was removed and my new collar was fastened around my neck. i felt my body tingle as the cold leather went around my neck and Mistress Claire fastened the buckle. My breaths deepened and i smiled as Mistress looked back at me. Mistress Claire then said, “there are three things you must do. You must obey, honor and love me.” i replied strongly with “yes Mistress”. Mistress Claire repeated a few more times each slower than the previous “Obey, honor and love”. We stared into one another’s eyes for a minute and then Mistress Claire said, “You are mine” and i let out a quiet moan. i was told i must not lose the collar or there would be dire consequences. Also, i reiterated that if i were to play with anyone else i would have to get her permission first and finally, i was told i don’t have to wear it all of the time, just here in the club and dungeon, at munchs and when i can. i agreed wholly to everything. That meant now i was officially owned by the amazing Mistress Claire and i promise to do as she bids and to obey, honor and love her. The collar is something special and i feel proud wearing it knowing i am owned by an amazing Mistress and i’m so happy i am hers.

A few minutes later, the long chain that had been on the old collar was attached to my new collar, the cold steel chain felt lovely and weighty as it usually does as i stood there in front of the cross. A tgirl professing to be a roleplay school gurl came into the dungeon. Mistress Claire led me over to her by the chain. This tgirl was interested in watching and had said that she’d been reading my blog which meant my writeups. Mistress Claire said to her that little girls shouldn’t be reading such things. The tgirl squirmed a little as guy who had been an onlooker came in the room and started fondling the tgirl a little. A minute later Mistress Claire pulled me over to the cross looping the chain around the top and then tied both my wrists to the cross. Mistress Claire then began to spank me hard on each cheek, warming me up. It was at least 20 or more spankings which happened twice with a pause in between as she interacted with the tgirl who was misbehaving and was told she must stand in the corner and not move for two minutes while this guy fondled her. A minute or two passed and Mistress Claire got her cane from her bag and whacked the leather bed hard which made me jump a little. Mistress Claire ran the cane up and down my already pink bottom which was warm and then a sudden whoosh and the first whack came. It was an intense sting and i tried to pace my breathing as two more whacks followed. The tgirl moved from the corner of her room saying that she’d done her two minutes and sat over on the kneeling bench where she’d sat down initially. Mistress Claire gave her a few spankings before returning to me. Mistress Claire retrieved her flogger from her bag and ran in across my ass and back and followed that with 12 good hard whacks. The slight sting from the leather edges and that amazing feeling as the leather thudded against me. A minute or two later it was 5 more hard cane whacks, whooshing each time. My ass was stinging quite a bit, it had been awhile and i was breathing heavy to keep focus on counting them. Back with the flogger, Mistress Claire whacked my back fast and hard at least 30 times but i was told to stop counting mid way through. My body tingled and i breathed heavily not knowing what would come next. Mistress Claire followed with the cane, each stinging a little more each time as she whacked up and down my ass. The whacks towards the top stinging more and my body began to twist as i counted out 35, 36, 37, 38. i wasn’t sure how much i could handle. Mistress Claire was watching me carefully and knew i was close to the edge and paused again. The tgirl was told to stroke my legs and body as i was tied there to the cross. My body tingled with the first touch as she worked her hands up and down my legs, over my ass and the small my back. It was a pleasurable experience and i could feel my cock become a semi but the time she had finished. After she was told to sit back down what followed was twelve hard flogs leaving a warm dull pain. During the flogging Louise came in to check on me. i didn’t reply to her comment of the Seahawks being doing well again. Mistress Claire asked if i wanted to speak to Louise and then granted me permission, telling me to talk shortly after i counted 50. Mistress Claire asked her how the marks looked and how many more should i have, reminding her that she gave me more whacks last time because Louise said they weren’t as red. Louise replied with 70, meaning only 20 more but of course it was taken as 70 more. Mistress Claire teased me asking how many more i should have and i dutifully replied, “it’s up to you Mistress”. “Fifty-one, Mistress, Thank You” as the next set of cane whacks followed and again i started twisting as i counted 63, 64, 65. Again, what followed was a pause, letting the stinging settle some and as soon as it had slightly subsided the 66th came and i kept my calm, gritted my teeth and the occasional grunt as it twisted a little at the 75th. The next ten where hard flogs, again dissipating the sting but strengthening the dull pain in the background as my ass radiated heat. The cane returned for 85 at varying strength and speeds and places, at one point catching my thigh. The last in this set were fast and quick up to 100. At the end of that set i tilted my head through the cross breathing heavily. i was kept there on the cross, recovering and not knowing what would happen next. A surprise was what came next, a further 10 hard whooshing whacks with the cane again twisting for the last 3 or 4 and ended with the 110th whack.

Mistress Claire left me to recover on the cross for a minute, Louise looked at my stripes and then sat back down as Mistress Claire untied me. i was then moved over to the bed and told to recover for a minute. The tgirl was busy kissing etc a guy on the end of the bed. A minute later, i was told to stand up and Mistress Claire said she would parade me around. She turned me around and secured my wrists with rope and looped it through the 2nd D-ring in my collar with my wrists pulled forcing an upright posture. The rope was nice and snug against my skin and the loops to the D-ring brushed against my back and there was a gentle burn as my muscles were slightly strained. Mistress Claire then walked me through with my chain over her shoulder at a short lenght. We entered the open play room and i was sat down on the leather bench which was on top of the cage. We watched for a moment, went back through to the bar which was fairly busy. We paused and i was told to kiss Louise which i did and then i was taken back through to the dungeon and Mistress Claire had me sit on the bed for a few minutes. Mistress Claire had me stand up again and slowly untied me. i asked permission to check the time, which was granted, and the chain was removed from my collar.

i walked through to the lounge/bar area holding my head high as i was eager to show off the collar if no one had noticed it earlier. Princess Pervette saw and congratulated me which felt great. i walked back down the hallway to the dungeon where Mistress Claire was waiting. i said i had an hour before i needed to go. Mistress Claire told me to get on to the bed as she got out her purple strap-on. i climbed into the leather bed and lay flat face down. Mistress Claire got out some rope and tied my hands behind my back, again using the D-ring in my collar and hoisting my hands up. i was completely helpless as Mistress Claire climbed on top of me and worked the strap-on all the way inside me. My continued plug training had paid off as there was no discomfort as she thrust in and out of me. Completely helpless, Mistress Claire smothered me and growled in my ear which she bit causing a slight sharp pain. i couldn't move and it felt amazing. i was pegged for awhile and there were a few onlookers popping their head in the door. Eventually, Mistress Claire slowly pulled out of me and a guy came into the room. Mistress Claire asked if he wanted his cock sucked so he came to the edge of the bed after saying yes and parted his robe exposing his cock. It was fairly thick and 5 or 6 inches long. i wriggled in position and sucked him. There was the usual initial tang taste and just did my best to take as much in as i could and work my tongue some. He did get hard and his breath shortened some and then he pulled away and then left the room.

i recovered for a minute laying there hopeless and then Mistress Claire had me sit up. She tied some red rope around my cock and balls add then ran the rope between my legs fairly taught, securing it to my tied wrists. Reattaching the chain, Mistress Claire had me stand and she paraded me as before. i love being paraded as Mistress Claire shows me off and everyone sees she has control of me. i feel proud, a little humiliated but in a good way and all my focus is on her. We walked back to the group play area which was quite busy. A tgirl, this time, took up the offer of having her cock sucked. . Similar to the other one in size. i knelt before her and did my best to keep rhythm. The tgirl said to Mistress Claire that she had trained me well. i did rather well with my sucking rhythm which Mistress Claire commented on and i didn't gag once. i was eventually let up and Mistress Claire walked me back through to the lounge/bar area. We immediately spotted the beautiful Steph at the bar as Princess Pervette was getting ready to leave. Princess Pervette commented on me tied up and tethered to Mistress Claire saying it was very sweet which made me smile. Mistress Claire asked Steph if she wanted her cock sucking. Steph turned to me and smiled a devilish grin and said yes, she'd be along to the dungeon in a minute.

Mistress Claire led me back to the dungeon and we waited for a few minutes until Steph arrived. Steph stop before me in front of the bed. We kissed flicking our tongues back and forth. She inspected my collar telling me it was a nice one. Steph pinched my little nipples hard and told me to kneel down. Her beautiful cock was pretty hard already. i tried to relax my throat and took all that i could of her in my mouth. i occasionally gasped for air letting it fall out of my mouth and then licking at the tip for a second before taking it in my mouth fully and eagerly. This happened twice, the second more eagerly than the first as her hard cock glistened. Steph touched the back of my head, pushing me onto now her fully erect cock. The first few i managed without gagging. i gagged a few times but tried to remain calm. A couple times her cock bent at the back of my throat. This went on for a few minutes and then she grabbed harder thrusting her cock in and out of my mouth as deep as i could take it. i tried hard and although clearly i need practice, Steph let me up and had me stand. She repeatedly said "Good boy" and kissed me a few more times, told Mistress Claire i had done well and then left the dungeon. Mistress Claire sat me on the edge of the bed to recover and allowed me a drink of my can of soda.

Mistress Claire untied me and i asked permission to check the time and Mistress Claire led me through to the lounge and then back to the dungeon. i had another twenty minutes spare. Mistress Claire got a length of rope to tie me up some more with a little rope practice. i love being tied up by Mistress Claire. About ten minutes later Louise came into the dungeon to tell me it was ten to four as i'm usually away earlier. Louise is great and looked amazing as she always does. She's always looking after me which is greatly appreciated. After about 5 more minutes Mistress Claire untied me from her intricate rope work and it was time to leave the dungeon. i thanked Mistress Claire a number of times and she gave me a gentle kiss before letting me go.

i went to get changed and got dressed quickly. Mistress Claire came into the locker part of the club and reminded me the rules about being collared and i thanked her again. i kept my collar on as i said i wouldn't take it off till i got to work. i feel proud wearing it and that it's something special and very happy that i have an amazing Mistress.

Being collared is something very special and i feel very proud that i have earned my right to be collared and that i am owned by an amazing Mistress who provides all i could want and more. She’s fantastic, inventive, beautiful, very knowledgeable and i feel very happy being hers.

The play session following my collaring was truly amazing. i have a lot of work to do in practicing my oral skills and have since bought a dildo so i can work on that and do even better next time. Steph certainly puts me through my paces when it comes to giving a blowjob and i enjoy it when she’s part of the play session. A thank you also goes out to Princess Pervette who i admire and was thankful of her congratulating me on being collared.

Thank you Mistress Claire for collaring me, for being my owner and being a fantastic Mistress, i obey, honour and love you.

Your obedient sub

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